This Innovative medical center and Spa has been designed to allow you to give yourself a well deserved break, to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. A bit like an ice-cream on a hot day without the guilt, totally refreshing and uplifting. Come to relax and unwind. Take a break and watch others glide by with a smile. Don't be shocked to see GLOWING SKIN, happiness and halos. At Awazen anything feels possible! There's plenty to discover and enjoy while becoming more in tune with yourself. It's about peeling away your everyday stress, stretching tired and forgotten muscles, freeing yourself from aches and pains, eliminating excess baggage and getting back in shape. The Awazen experience is about tuning into benefits of a better lifestyle. It's an effortless easing into a wonderful world of inner and outer balance with a smile! Take time to float away, feel content, feel serene. It's simple It's Awazen.

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Tina Singh

I was recommended Awazen by my doctor after I noticed a sudden increase in loss of hair. The receptionist greeted me warmly and immediately scheduled me an appointment with the expert. My hair oil treatment started almost immediately. She washed my hair and applied the hot oil. It was  evident that expert knew what she was doing. Sh...

2 years ago