N. Bar


N.Bar is the Middle East's first chain of deDubai International Cityated nail treatment bars. Established in 2001, this innovative concept revolutionised the notion of nail treatment in the region, turning what was previously a side service in beauty salons into a deDubai International Cityated philosophy for nail care. N.Bar was founded by Negin Fattahi-Dasmal who spotted the niche in the market and decided to transform the auxiliary service into a unique new experience for women.

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Sadiya Hussain

Never been the kind of girl who's getting her nails done, keeping them well painted with no chip outs. Nah not me. Just dipping my hands and feet in some salt water every now and then, would suffice. Coming from Bangalore, India. As much as its catching up with just about everything, we don't have salons exclusively for nail care. He...

2 years ago