Cancellation & Return Policy

• Ami Internet Services DMCC has the following refund and cancellation policy for all Services sold on their website

Cancellation Policy:-

• Under any circumstance, there are no cancellations of any order made by the user. Users are required to follow their own discretion while buying any service on If the order is cancelled by the respective vendor due to any circumstances, then there will be a full refund of any transaction amount through this website which would be refunded to the original mode of payment

Return Policy:-

• Ami Internet Service, through their will sell services of different vendors on their website. All vendors selling their service will have their own return policy and will not be guided by Ami Internet Services DMCC. You can find the return policy of each vendor on the respective deals page.

• Under any circumstances, even if the vendor provides returns under certain terms and conditions, the money spent will not be credited back to the user credit card. Instead, the money will be converted to Beawel Currency and can be used for buying future services on the site for a limited time period

• User's Beawel Currency will be listed under "User Transaction" page and the conversion ratio from the local currency to Beawel currency will be published on the site.

• The ration of the conversion of beawel Currency will change from time to time and will be published on the website accordingly. For the first 6 months of operations, this ration will be 1:1 (which means, if the user gets a credit of AED 100 by the virtue of return of any vendor service bought through, then it will be converted to 100 Beawel Currency)