Frequently Asked Question

• Below are the frequently asked questions and their answers. We have tried our best to list down all information which I normal user would seek from us.

I can browse, but I can't contribute or buy!

• Normal browsing of information is for all users and you don't need to sign in for that. For all other activities on the site, like contribution (writing review, liking, making a wish list, marking a business "visited", commenting on other's review, opting for Beawel Exclusive, etc.) and buying a deal, you need to sign up as a registered user and then sign in to enter the site. Once you sign in, you should be able to contribute and/or buy

What is the basis on which a user progresses from one level to another?

• When a user joins Beawel, they join at a "Basic" level. From there, by the virtue of their contributions (see above) and buying deals, they get promoted to a level above. Please see the User Progression Chart to get more information

How is the Business Rating calculated?

• We have written special algorithms to calculate the aggregated Business Rating. This aggregated value is based on user ratings and their levels. For example, rating given by a user who is "Gold" has more weightage if compared to a rating given by a user who has just joined the site and is "Basic". Needless to say, as you progress as a user, our confidence in you grows and your ratings are taken more seriously

I was a "Platinum" earlier but I just noticed that I am at "Gold" level. Why is that?

• We take a rolling aggregate of the points which you earned over a period of time. So, if you have not been contributing lately, you fall behind a level below. There is no need to worry, you can start contributing again to regain your past glory. That's how we make it competitive and information most relevant to the market needs and time

Every time when I buy a deal, I have to give my details over again. Why is that?

• As a policy, we don't like to be the custodian of information of your financial instruments as that is not our core expertise. Its best kept as a secret with you and it takes a little effort from your end to type that again. Believe us, that's worth it

Do you guys track my location?

• We do when you login through mobile devices. This gives us the ability to recommend you awesome stuff near you. However, this is a device dependent setting and if you don't want to divulge your location for your own reasons, please set the "Location Setting" of your device and you won't be bothered

I just opted for Beawel Exclusive but I haven't got the SMS

• There might be multiple reasons for that
• Biggest one might be that you would have subscribed to "Do Not Disturb" service through your telecom service provider. We really can't send the SMS if that's the case, hence you are not receiving one
• Your device is set to receive only a fixed number of SMS and it might be already full with that. Clear some space, delete a few SMS and you will start getting ours
• You might have entered a wrong Phone number when opting for Beawel Exclusive
• Remember, we can't send SMS to a fixed line or a Fax number
• If it is none of the above, please send us a mail on with subject line as "Beawel Exclusive" and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time

I bought a deal but there is no way that I can make it due to unavoidable circumstance. How will I get my return?

- Deals on are the property of various vendors and the realization of deals is carried out by them. In case you have bought a deal and have genuine reasons for not realizing it on time, please send us a mail with a valid explanation at with a subject line "Deals – Return" and we will do our best to accommodate your request (if possible)

I don't remember my password. How do I get a new one?

- On the login screen, there is a link for "Forgot Password". Please click on that to get a new password on your registered mail id. When you get a new password, please change that to something which can remember in future, on your first login

However, if you have any question, the answer to which is not listed here, please feel free to mail it to us at with "Question" in the subject line and we will try to answer that to your satisfaction.