Tina Singh
Tina Singh
Posted on Aug 01 -2016 , 20:40

I just got back home from my trip to Maldives. On such a fresh mood I decided to do get a new look with an awesome hairstyle. I have very thin, flat and boring hair and I wanted it blue. I searched for salons that do it best. Finally found Mayumi Ladies salon and dropped in the very next day. Their stylist did an incredible job. I know very little about hair care and I am not very girly. The stylist showed me three different colours and told me about good and bad sides of each dye. She told me expect after I get my hair bleached out for the first time. After bleaching, she coloured it blue and it looked so cool. As a bonus she she managed to get some darker shades so that it didn’t seem like I was wearing a wig. Fantastic experience, I will be going back and get my hair done again.

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