Sadiya Hussain
Sadiya Hussain
Posted on Apr 22 -2015 , 11:43

Never been the kind of girl who's getting her nails done, keeping them well painted with no chip outs. Nah not me. Just dipping my hands and feet in some salt water every now and then, would suffice. Coming from Bangalore, India. As much as its catching up with just about everything, we don't have salons exclusively for nail care. Hence i checked out N.Bar. My nails could use some pampering anyway. No doubt, its expensive. but its Posh, Luxurious and extremely hygienic. They do a pretty fine job. Have the time and some money to spare? go ahead and pamper yourself. Professionals that they are, once out of there? your nails can do all the talking for you. PS : Don't be in a hurry- your spending money, leisurely enjoy their posh premium service. :)

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